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Leveling up the #NFT Game for You

Empowering artists and projects to release in a top tier way to maximize the impact window by giving their fans an electrifying experience  

The Utility behind the Technology

What is an NFT?

1. Definition

Put simply, an NFT* is a way to access one of the fastest growing digital entertainment markets based on Blockchain technology.

2. Engagement

NTFs open the door to a whole new world of engagement, collecting and are levelling up the interaction experience between fans and artists.

3. Audience Growth

It’s a new way to target existing and attract new fans, by offering original content such as unique exclusive audio-visual art, priority access to tickets, exclusive merch sales and much more.

4. Ownership

Verifiable as 100% authentic, NFT’s offer a more secure collecting, supporting and engaging experience for fans and creators alike.

*NFT stands for non-fungible token. If something is fungible it means it can be swapped for an asset of the exact same type and value – Take a dollar or five pound note for example. When something is non-fungible, it cannot be changed this way because it is unique. Think of it like a famous painting or a rare trading card – there will only be one original, no matter how many copies are made.
Adding another layer to your brand

Why are NFTs the future?

1. Empowerment

NTFs are the next evolution of entertainment, empowering artists to be in full control of their image and brands while opening up whole new ways to interact with fans.

2. Revenue

Your NTFs will have built-in secondary revenue share, so any sold between collectors and fans after the initial release will mean a passive income straight back to you! No more sell the once and that’s it, it’s time to bring the reasons why we should care and invest in your as fans.

3. Experiences

Events can now occur inside metaverses, hosted and attended in the virtual world.

4. Connected

In a post covid world we have become more connected with one another on our devices. The world is digital. NFTs allow musicians and content creators to get back to cultivating the meaningful experience and raw feel that fans adore.

5. Authenticity

Custom content for owners of the release; priority access to tickets; redeemable physical merch to digitally provable scarcity. When you tell someone it’s rare, they can verify it and trust you too 

6. Exclusivity

Live music, fan meet and greets, release parties, soundchecks, record and merchandise sales too 

Electric Token. We get it and others don’t.

Who Are We?


We at Electric Token are veterans across many industries that have come together with collective interests to bring this new technology and experience to fans in the right way.

With decades of industry leading entertainment and music management, coupled with successful Blockchain & NFT project launch wisdom accrued since 2017, combined it brings Electric Token to the forefront of the next level of Fan, community and artist interactions that can be experiences to compliment everything you do and more.

At Electric Token we pride ourselves as creatives and collectors first, if we wouldn’t be interested or blown away by it, why would other fans be? An NFT release needs to be exciting, be for a purpose, offer something new, whilst also levelling up what you do already too.
Let us help YOU do it in the best way possible, do it correct & be remembered for it and get it right.

The Brains Behind Your Success

Our Team

Jacob York
Jacob York
The Entertainment Guy

Entertainment Trendsetter with decades of Industry Experience

Da’Vid Abellard Jr.
Mark Goldstein
The aviation, art & law guy

Transactional attorney, interested in both the public and private sectors.

Da’Vid Abellard Jr.
Da’vid Abellard Jr.
The Operations Guy

Serial Entrepreneur, Real Estate and Industry Connector

Da’Vid Abellard Jr.
Bianca Samadhi Mendez
Culture Curator

Lovefest. Instagram: @biancasamadhi

Advisory Board

Da’Vid Abellard Jr.
Rodney S. Sampson

Entrepreneurship and
Investment Ecosystem Builder

Discovery. Creativity. Implementation. Execution

Our Expertise

With a track-record of success and being at the forefront of trends across many industries, our past speaks for itself.

Being there at the birth of trends and industries as they are at their infantile moments.

Taking idea to brainstorm to concept to draft to adaptation to creative input from artists and musicians at hand with our design and audio teams on standby to assist and make the release unforgettable.

Discovery. Creativity. Implementation. Execution

What We Do


We are data and creatively driven. So by taking artist data, social media metrics, analysing your existing assets and diving into your core brand and story already public, we craft and nurture ideas with you to find that Unique Selling Point and appeal to enable a maximum success for an experience that everyone will enjoy.


Utilizing our exclusive and custom-tailor made approach to each artist, there is an individual appeal from each release to their fans and collectors alike. By Making available our network of digital artists to you for brainstorming or collaboration, we ensure you have the best possible chance at success.


Having a vast network, We co-ordinate the right press to the relevant collector audiences and fans to maximise reach and awareness of your release.

Adding another layer to your brand

Where do you fit?

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Taking existing or fresh content and experiences on offer from your brand, we work to establish clear value for collectors, fans and you, the creator combined. From primary sales to secondary residual revenue, the value proposition is there.

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Community Engagement

Finding that reason for fans to care about you again and tapping into the experiences that make your supporters feel valued and appreciated

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Built in smart contract secondary revenue streams means that you as an artist are rewarded just like your fans with provable, scarce and collectable value.

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Value Identification

Discovering the appeal and reason for a fan to care about you. Pricing it correctly so that it’s not just a fluff feeling cash grab and has longevity too.

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